The Next Great American Game

The Next Great American Game

The Next Great American Game includes hours of extras including interviews with industry greats: Jackson, Moon, Knizia, Leacock, Lang and Teuber. Special interview with Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor Labs.

The Next Great American Game
  • The Next Great American Game Full Movie

    Randall Hoyt is an aspiring game designer on the road to publishing his first board game. From the crowded halls of Gen Con to the back rooms of Toy Fairs in Chicago and New York, Randall enthusiastically pitches his game to publishing giants Ravensburger, Mayfair and USAopoly and boutique publis...

  • Steve Jackson: Ogre Origins

    Interview with designer Steve Jackson at the Origins game fair. Discussions of Munchkin, Car Wars, Ogre and more

  • Antoine Bauza: The Wonder

    Spiel Des Jahres winner Antoine Bauza discusses Rampage, aka Terror in Meeple City, Sinbad, 7 Wonders, and Samurai Spirit with unique prototype drawings and pictures. Talk with co-designers and illustrators. Also discussions with 'TableTop' producer Boyan Radakovich. Finally, watch Wil Wheaton pl...

  • Klaus Teuber: The Settler of Catan

    Klaus Teuber discusses his mega hit Settlers of Catan

  • Reiner Knizia: Lord of the Ring

    A wide ranging discussion touching on theme, mechanics and games including Samurai and Euphrates and Tigris

  • Alan Moon: Tickets to Ride

    Alan Moon discusses designing Ticket to Ride, his company White Wind, and a whole lot more.

  • Eric Lang and Matt Leacock

    Eric Lang and Matt Leacock discuss game design.

  • Richard Garfield: King of Magic

    Richard Garfield, father of Magic: The Gathering, discusses game design and King of New York.

  • Dr. Mary Flanagan: Theory and Practice

    Dr. Mary Flanagan talks about her work at Tiltfactor Laboratory, Dartmouth College.

  • Director Interview

    After Origins 2014, Randall turns the questions around on camera averse director Douglas Morse.