The Next Great American Game

  • The Next Great American Game

    The Next Great American Game includes hours of extras including interviews with industry greats: Jackson, Moon, Knizia, Leacock, Lang and Teuber. Special interview with Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor Labs.

  • The Next Great American Game Deluxe

    Includes interviews with Moon, Leacock, Lang, Teuber, Knizia, Jackson, publisher roundtable, Ludo Fact Tour, Spiel Des Jahres footage and MORE. Also includes print and play of Jeff Saidek's The Worst Game Ever!

  • Digital Extras Only. Over three hours!

    Interviews with Teuber, Moon, Knizia, Jackson, Garfield, Bauza, Flanagan, Leacock, Lang, and Faidutti. Publisher roundtable with Hans im Gluck, ThinkFun eggertspiel, and R&R Games. Ludo Game Factory Tour.

  • The Next Great American Game Basic

    The digital download of the movie with two extra features.


After spending countless hours driving to visit his daughters on weekends and holidays, Randall Hoyt, a professor of Graphic Design, decides to put his knowledge of how to drive like a shark to some use. So he spends five years creating a tabletop board game called Turnpike. The film takes a deeply personal tone as Randall candidly discusses his struggles with bi-polar disorder and the intersections of mania and creativity. It turns out that, inspired by his time in bi-polar rehab and group therapy, Randall has designed another game, Talk and Listen, designed to foster communication and collaboration. When veteran designer Mike Fitzgerald sees this dice game, he calls it gold, pure gold.
    • Scott Alden, Co-founder BoardGameGeek "I watched the movie and loved it - really great!”

      Game Theory “I invite anyone who's interested in the process of designing and licensing board games to give this film a viewing. It's the next great American boardgame documentary.”

      GeekDad “This film is a must-see for anyone who has ever dreamed of publishing a game. If games are your thing, put it on your list. It will hold your attention and you might learn a thing or two.”

      Rahdo Runs Through “I really, really enjoyed this movie. It was a lot of fun, it was fascinating, there was a lot of behind the scenes. It was rock solid entertainment”

      Jamey Stegmeirs Kickstarter Lessons “There’s a powerful moment in Douglas Morse’s new documentary about this concept of recognizing and letting go of our mediocre ideas so we can continue to grow and evolve. This scene gave me chills, and since I’ve thought back to it many times.”

      Tom Vasel’s Board Game Breakfast “It’s interesting that you get to see GenCon and Origins from a different perspective….it becomes a very personal story. If you get a chance, I would recommend this movie. If you’re thinking about designing a game, this might be something to watch.”

      Watch it Played “Randall went from being a very two dimensional character to a very real three dimensional and real person that I came to appreciate in a very different way by the end of the it.”

      Bags and Boards “I was moved by it. Definitely go watch it!”

      Because Play Matters Game Blog Scott Nicholson “ If you are wanting to see the path of a first-time designer dip his toes in the piranha-infected waters … then the main movie is for you. If you are a student of game design or more experienced in the field, the bonus collection is a better choice”

      Boardgame Babylon “Morse seems to have focused on this quirkier, more intriguing story. Thank goodness he did because TNGAG is a small wonder. I recommend you pick it up.”

      G*M*S Magazine “With a very impressive cast of designers and publishers, this documentary is a must see for anyone who is interested in any aspect of boardgame and specially to those with an interest in game publishing.”

      Gamer’s Remorse “The movie acts as a great primer on design offering a fantastic peak behind the curtain of the game industry.

      Giant Fire Breathing Robot The Next Great American Game is absolutely delightful. It not only touches on one of my favorite subjects but tells what is ultimately a compelling story about a man pursuing a goal even though he doesn’t quite understand, or know how, to go about it.

      Board Game Authority If you are a board game designer or an aspiring one, “The Next Great American Game” is worth watching if for no other reason than to see the pitfalls that you can avoid. The movie also touches on serious topic of mental illness and it has enough non-board game related scenes to hold non-gamer’s attention as well.